NOW, SEE, IF YOU’RE GOING TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS, YOU MIGHT WANT TO LET THEM KNOW FIRST: Glendora Officer Nearly Fires On Student Crew Filming Robbery Scene.

A student film crew shooting a robbery scene at a Glendora coffee shop were almost fired on by police who believed an actual crime was taking place. . . .

“They had masks on, and the one had a gun in his hand, and it was clear they were ready to enter the building,” she said.

Eight officers responded to the scene.

A sergeant and two officers stormed into the coffee shop and saw what appeared to be two armed men. Police said one suspect froze and didn’t drop his weapon.

One officer got ready to shoot when another intervened.

“When he didn’t drop the gun, one of the officers reached out and pulled the gun out of his hand,” said Capt. Tim Staab of the Glendora Police Department.

Seconds later, the sergeant saw a camera, and the actors explained they were shooting a short film.

If there had been a shooting here, it would have been a tragedy, but it wouldn’t have been the officers’ fault.