JOHN FUND: Injudicious Criminal Justice in Florida: The prosecutorial misconduct in Zimmerman’s trial reveals a judicial system run amok. “Kruidbos feared he would put his job in jeopardy if he came forward with this information, but he also was concerned about a possible miscarriage of justice, so he directed his attorneys to alert Zimmerman’s defense team about the withheld evidence. He turned over the photos in late May, and the state placed Kruidbos on administrative leave until this past Friday, the day the Zimmerman case went to the jury. That morning, according to the Florida Times-Union, he received a hand-delivered letter from Corey informing him that he was fired and that he ‘can never again be trusted to step foot in this office.’ The treatment he received for telling the defense about government misconduct will discourage others from becoming whistleblowers.”

This crowd doesn’t like whistleblowers. There’s too much going on that’s whistleable.