CHARLIE MARTIN: Want To Lose 8 Pounds In Five Days?

It’s funny reading Charlie’s stuff because by contrast my weight is really stable. I neither gain nor lose very easily, and tend to vary within a range of between 205 and 210. When we were in NYC I relaxed my low-carb diet — too much good pasta there — and exercised less (though I was walking several miles a day). Came back and I was at 212 (up from 209 when we left), but I think it was all carb-bloat because in a couple of days I was back at 209. My low-carb diet isn’t as rigorous as Charlie’s — basically, I just try to avoid carbs, especially breads and pastas. And I lift weights 3-4 times a week (sometimes 5) with some interval training mixed in. The result? A fitness level that’s “pretty good, for a law professor.” That’s good enough for me. Hey, if I’d weighed 100 pounds more and then lost it to be at this weight, I’d be ecstatic. With weight-loss, like quitting smoking, the best solution is to never need to do it, though that’s easier advice to propound than to put to use.