THE ROLLING STONES’ LIVE SHOW gets a great review. But don’t diss Paul McCartney — several people who saw him at Bonnaroo told me that his show was awesome.

UPDATE: Reader Robert McCarthy writes:


I took my 13-year-old son, a guitar aficionado and student of rock, to the Stones concert at the Garden in Boston a few weeks ago. I had seen them 2 or 3 times, all rather uneventful to be honest. I prepared for the worst…I mean, how could these men, nearly twice my age and bruised and battered with every imaginable drug in their system, actually do anything beyond stand and strum? In a word, they were ‘amazing’. My son left with a smile plastered on his face, a t-shirt on his back, and a gleam in his eye that said “I could be there some day”. And that was worth everything.

I can imagine.