May 19, 2013

OBAMA AIDE: Legality of IRS targeting conservative groups “irrelevant.”

Also “irrelevant” — where the President was during Benghazi attacks. Not a good day for the White House on the Sunday shows. . .

UPDATE: The relevance of “irrelevant.” Can I make an empty-chair joke now? “In talking about Benghazi, the interviewer, Chris Wallace, is trying to extract a specific fact about the events, a fact that has not yet come out and that Pfeiffer might know. Pfeiffer blows out a tirade of truly irrelevant verbiage to distract us from the question asked, including the notion that the fact isn’t important. Who cares where the physical body of Obama was as long as he was ‘in touch’? Well, some people would like to know, so tell us the fact and let us decide what use to make of it. To withhold the fact — on the ground that, in your opinion, we don’t need it — is to make us think it would be damaging. . . . It must be relevant, we think, at least for political purposes, or Pfeiffer wouldn’t strain so hard to suppress it.” What could that be? I can’t even imagine. An assignation at the Hay-Adams?

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Lynda Bowen writes:

This is really strange. They absolutely don’t want to account for Obama’s exact whereabouts during the time in question. If I didn’t know better, I’d think they were trying to cover up the fact that he was pulling a Clinton (that would be Bill … in the cloak room with Monica… not a Hillary).

Seriously, something else was going on that they don’t want ANYONE to know about…

They don’t want to talk about it. But it wasn’t nookie at the Hay-Adams. (Everyone goes to the W for that now in DC anyway). It was a special meeting on the alien invasion.

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