WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Obama defends relevancy, blames Congress for political gridlock. “Obama’s press conference marked the 100th day of his second term, an early measure of his job performance. Over the past three months, Obama has seen his push for new gun restrictions die on Capitol Hill and still faces an uphill battle to implement other centerpieces of his agenda, such as immigration reform. Foreign events, including evidence that Syria used chemical weapons against anti-government rebels, have also cast a shadow over the president’s domestic agenda. . . . Obama also faced questions about Guantanamo Bay, the American prison in Cuba where suspected terrorists, or enemy combatants — held for years by the U.S. — are now engaged in a hunger strike. He had pledged in his first campaign to shut it down.”

My favorite bit: “However, the president took no blame for Guantanamo remaining open, saying Congress repeatedly blocked his efforts to shutter the prison.” He’s not much for taking blame.