April 7, 2013

ABUSE OF AUTHORITY: Plane Diverted After Family Complains In-Flight Movie Is Inappropriate for Kids.

The next thing the family — and the rest of the passengers knew — the flight was being diverted to a Chicago airport because of “security concerns.”

No — there was nobody having a baby on the plane, no one trying to light a shoe bomb, nothing wrong with the plane itself. Apparently, the pilot decided that the family’s complaint about the movie constituted “grave danger to the aircraft.”

Yet, according to the father, there had been no raised voices, no swearing (parents who don’t let their kids watch PG-13 movies also don’t swear in front of them), and no punches thrown. The parents had remained in their seats and did what they could to keep their kids’ eyes off the large screen hanging in front of them (we all know how easy and fun that can be.)

Upon landing, a police officer came on board the plane and escorted the family off. They were then met at the gate by more Chicago police, two border protection officers, an FBI agent, and airline officials.

Does all of this sound craaaaaazy to you? It did to everyone else too.

It does to me. What’s the pilot’s name?

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