March 31, 2013

K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: Proposed bill could spell changes for public education. “The bill would give school districts the option to create their own agendas, goals and measurements of success, bucking the current one-size-fits-all approach mandated by the state government, Isaac said. . . . The current education code, which is approximately 1,100 pages long, would be replaced with 50 pages of framework that school districts could tailor to fit their individual needs, Isaac said. For instance, the bill would give school districts the control to allocate financial resources as they see fit and focus on individual programs and areas as needed. The bill would place more power in the hands of parents in several ways. Parents would have the option to send their children to any public school in the district, which could initiate change in underperforming schools. Conversely, top-performing schools would be able to set admission standards and application policies. Isaac said free advisers would be available to help families choose the best school for their student based on individual needs.”

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