VIDEO: TED CRUZ VS. DIANNE FEINSTEIN ON GUNS. She’s not up to Yale Law School standards, is she? You can tell how badly it went because now she’s playing the girl-victim card, saying she felt “patronized.”

UPDATE: Reader Jacke Daley writes:

There is an important point here.

Diane Feinstein says:

“I was a Mayor for nine years. I walked in, I saw people shot. **I’ve looked at bodies that have been shot with these weapons.**”

She then goes on to compare her personal experience with murder in San Francisco to Sandy Hook, dismembered bodies of children, etc. She specifically mentions “weapons of war”.

The dead bodies Feinstein saw where George Moscone’s and Harvey Milk’s.

Their murderer, Dan White, pumped two rounds into Moscone’s chest from point blank and then straddled his body on the floor, leaned over and put two more slugs into Moscone’s head.

White shot Milk from only feet away in the gut, in the chest, in the back, into the base of his skull and placed a fifth shot, point blank, into Milk’s head.

Dan White used a 2 inch .38 revolver and reloaded between murders.

Dan White did not kill using a weapon of war.

And anyway, isn’t this an admission that Dianne Feinstein’s gun policies are basically a product of PTSD, not rational policymaking?