STUDY: New E15 Gas Can Ruin Auto Engines. “In 2010 and 2011, EPA gave the green light to use E15 – the 15 percent ethanol gasoline blend – in model-year-2001-and-later cars and some other vehicles. EPA’s action was irresponsible. EPA knew E15 vehicle testing was ongoing but decided not to wait for the results. Why did EPA move forward prematurely? Part of the answer may be the need to raise the permissible concentration level of ethanol so that greater volumes could be used, as required by the federal Renewable Fuel Standard. Most gasoline sold today is an E10 blend, but rising volume requirements under the law can’t be met much longer without going to higher blends.”

Reader Bill Richmond emails: “Feds are pushing E15, not because of green fantasies about E15 itself, but because the existing formulas (mostly E10) weren’t using enough ethanol to meet the mandated amount of ethanol use. Central planning failures always lead to more central planning. It’s a beautiful thing. Well, not really.” Except for central planners.