Giffords can only get a few words out — “so slowly” — and Diane Sawyer has no compunction about supplying words all around Giffords’s words, most notably at the end of the interview — you have to watch the video — when she turns Giffords into a puppet who voices the last word to a long sentence yammered out by Sawyer. Sawyer repeatedly assures us that Giffords understands everything and is able to think well, that her only intellectual deficit is in speaking. We’re told how effective Gifford will be in pressuring Congress to enact gun control. She will be taken around to the members of Congress so they will be subjected to the ordeal — if they want to say “no” — of saying “no” to her face.

This is how it’s done. At what point do you say “no”… enough?

Resort to theatrical efforts at emotional blackmail is an admission that you have no intellectual arguments. Which is par for the course with the smarmy Diane Sawyer, of course, and with the even-smarmier gun control movement.

I would ask “have you no decency?” — but we already know the answer to that.

Plus, from the comments:

The members of Congress that will be subjected to this ordeal, will be Republicans.

Democrats running for re-election in places like Minnesota will not be called on.

The love-and-caring bit is all a con. Every time.