December 26, 2012

SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT OF THE LAW: Retroactive ATF Approval for David Gregory’s gun-law violation?

Plus from the comments: “What I want to know, is how many citizens have been jailed in DC for violating this law? And is their skin color darker than David Gregory’s?” Well, it would pretty much have to be. . . .

But regardless, those people won’t have Howard Kurtz defending them.

UPDATE: Reader Stephen Johnson emails: “ATF approval simply makes no sense. The ATF has no jurisdiction over DC gun laws. And if, in fact, NBC news called the ATF to ask ‘permission’ this just reinforces how stupid they are about gun laws and jurisdiction. This story smells…. bad.” Hmm. If D.C. were a state I’d be sure this was correct. But since it’s a federal enclave I’m not sure.

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