“What is the gun community going to do about this tragedy?”

“I dunno. What is the gay community going to do about Penn State?”

Ouch. But a fair response to unfair stigmatization. With the gay community, everyone would complain about smearing millions for the deviant and predatory behavior of a few.

UPDATE: Ann Althouse gets it.

Plus, from Dr. Weevil:

Wait, is garage mahal actually so stupid that he can fail to see a reductio ad absurdum right in front of his nose?

I’ll try once more to explain it.

InstaPundit thinks that it would be absurd and ridiculous to blame all gays for the minuscule percentage of gays who are serial rapists. His whole point depends on us seeing just how ridiculous that would be. He is trying to get morons like AF and garage mahal to understand that is equally ridiculous to blame all gun-owners for the minuscule percentage of gun-owners who commit mass murders. But some lefties are so in love with the idea of calling all gun-owners and NRA members and Republicans mass-murderers that they are unable to understand a simple analogical reductio ad absurdum.

Their hatred has overwhelmed whatever reason they possess. Which, on the evidence, was never that much.


Which clearly shows who the real bigots are. The right did not blame homosexuality for Penn State, but the left cannot resist its bigotry against gun owning citizens defending their rights – rights guaranteed clearly in the text for 2 centuries.

It’s a bigotry borne of oikophobia.