WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Union thugs use punches, not persuasion, in Michigan.

Union bosses hate right-to-work laws the same way they hate every policy that tends to empower workers — including their own members — to make informed decisions about how they are represented in the workplace. This is why they pushed so hard to eliminate secret ballot votes in unionization elections. It is why they have pushed to shorten the time frame for those elections to the vanishing point, and to prevent employers from discussing the possible drawbacks of unionization with their employees. That is why they pushed to change the 70-year-old rules for airline and railroad union elections, so that a minority of workers can now force the majority into a union.

Right-to-work laws do not ban unions. They merely ensure that workers can no longer be coerced to pay them. They also create workplace conditions under which even union members are no longer a captive audience, forced to bow to whatever decisions the union leadership makes.

And that’s what the union leaders fear most.

With reason.

UPDATE: But of course: Gawker Tries To Defend Man Who Punched Steven Crowder.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Thoughts from Patterico on the tactics involved.

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