CIVILIZATION 1, VIOLENT UNION THUGS 0: Mich. governor signs anti-union bills after protests.

UPDATE: Reader Jonathan Bailey writes:

In the USA Today piece you just linked they mention the destruction of the AFP tent but go on to say that nobody was injured. Did they not hear about Stephen Crowder being assaulted? Did they not hear there were people inside the tent or have they just chosen to ignore it and misstate the fact that he was assaulted and injured. Somebody needs to set them straight. This is typical MSM lies by omission at best.

Somehow, the mistakes all seem to run in the same direction.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Paul Lewis emails:

Pure Michigan is advertising like the dickens here in SW Ohio for us to come visit them. They are on Facebook under
Pure Michigan. I just wrote them “After the union beating today of Steven Crowder, there isn’t a chance in Michigan that we will visit you guys until that Union Thug is arrested.”

Maybe a Boycott is another avenue of fed up Conservatives. The left tried it with Chick-Fil-A and Papa John’s. Paybacks are, well, Michigan.

Well, to be fair, they passed the law despite the violence. But nothing wrong with leaving a note on Facebook.