WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE LIGHT BULB BAN. “These changes in the law are going to demand that we change the way we think about lightbulbs. We’re accustomed to a lightbulb being a minor expense, but the upfront cost of an energy-efficient one is much higher. Some might cost $30 or more per bulb.”

Hey, it’s still not too late to stock up. Quite.

UPDATE: 100-watt Bulb Alternatives Leaving People In The Dark. If only someone had warned them to stock up on incandescents!

ANOTHER UDPATE: A reader emails: “Friendly heads-up. You may want to point out that the 75-watt ban goes into effect in one month on January 1, 2013.” Well, it’s not too late to stock up on those, either. Quite.