THIS MUST BE MORE OF THAT “SMART DIPLOMACY” WE WERE PROMISED: After Toppling Khaddafy, U.S. Can’t Find A Viable “Partner” In Libya. “These are the wages of our war against Qaddafi. We participated in the ouster of a bloodthirsty despot on humanitarian grounds without giving much thought as to what would follow. In some ways, the Obama administration had fanciful, careless ideas about Libya roughly analogous to what the Bush people thought would happen in Iraq with the fall of Saddam—that Libya would somehow remain coherent rather than slowly succumb to the forces of entropy. Sadly, it’s not working out that way. Not only has the terror threat metastasized to neighboring countries, but the security and integrity of the country we were ostensibly trying to help is in question.”

Hillary’s record as Secretary of State has been deeply unimpressive. This will probably come up if she runs in 2016.