ANDREW MARCUS: After Election 2012: WWBD — What Would Breitbart Do?

Everything that Andrew predicted in my film, Hating Breitbart, played out in real-time during the election right before our eyes. From Candy Crowley interrupting and taking Obama’s side in the debate to George Stephonopoulous’s introducing the ‘war on women’ narrative in the primary debates, members of the so-called mainstream media did everything they could to re-elect Obama and they were successful. And many of us are, as Andrew so often was, righteously indignant. Some might even be feeling hopeless, tired or defeated. And while I can understand a temporary crisis of faith, I believe Andrew would refuse to surrender to a defeatist attitude over one election loss.

He understood that the true fight is with the Mainstream Media and Institutional Left and that they don’t get ‘elected.’ We must bring the fight directly to them relentlessly. That was always his fight and that does not change with an election cycle.

No, it doesn’t. And if you get a chance to see Hating Breitbart, I highly recommend it. I felt like Andrew was still alive while watching it.

UPDATE: Reader John Miller writes: “The reality is that if every cent spent on the Romney campaign had been spent instead acquiring and dismembering legacy media properties, the long-term result would have been better than where we are now. Holding and extending statehouse control has to be conservatives’ #1 priority, but if there’s money floating around out there, at this point it’d be better spent exterminating NBC and the NY Times than propping up national candidates.”