NICK GILLESPIE: Hating Breitbart’s Powerful Post-Partisan Message. Gillespie’s likening of the New Media world to the DIY/Punk ethos is a comparison I’ve made myself, and agree with.

Key bit: “At more than one point in the movie, Breitbart asks members of audience he’s addressing to hold up their iPhones, pocket cams, and other recording devices and to turn them on. You, he says, are the media. That gesture is the essential takeaway of Andrew Breitbart’s work – and of the documentary Hating Breitbart. Such moments illustrate how something weird and wonderful is happening when it comes to media. Surely it’s more than a little ironic that just as Hating Breitbart hit theaters, the Daily Beast pulled the plug on its sick sister, the comatose magazine Newsweek, and Breitbart’s protege James O’Keefe released a video about voter fraud that led Patrick Moran, the son of Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.), to resign in shame from his father’s campaign.”