BARACK OBAMA’S KATRINA, WITH BLOOMBERG IN THE ROLE OF RAY NAGIN? This Depressing NBC Segment On Staten Island Could Change The Way The World Sees Hurricane Sandy. “This NBC segment on the situation this week on Staten Island is awful, and makes the response look horrible.”

UPDATE: A New York reader emails: “The demographic of the folks devastated in low-lying Staten Island is that of Obama’s ‘bitter clingers’; white, working class, play-by-the-rules folks. The feeble non-response to their suffering is a perfect mirror image of the allegations leveled against W for his alleged indifference during Katrina.”

Indeed. And we already know that Obama has written off the white working class. My NYC reader adds: “Personal note: Those are ‘my’ people…I grew up on the other side of the Verrazano Bridge among the same demographic: primarily Catholic blue collar folks, very family oriented. It is painful watching them suffer.”