#SANDYFAIL: In Brooklyn, unhappy with Bloomberg: “Yo asshole mayor, turn on your television (instead of being so greedy to get on it) the city is in full blown crisis mode, there are huge disorganized lines for buses, gas, food, water, no trains into Manhattan from Brooklyn, tunnels shut, half the city without power, smoldering ruins in queens, hungry, sick, grieving, fed up human beings, THESE ARE YOUR FELLOW NEW YORKERS (even though your life reflects nothing of theirs). AND YOU WANT TO SHIT ON THEM BY ALLOWING THE MARATHON! THIS IS YOUR LEGACY BERMUDABERG, the mayor that doesn’t give a shit about his people, oh, except to ban big gulps.”

Related: New York’s Incredible Shrinking Mayor. “What would the world have thought of Mayor Nagin if he’d diverted resources from Katrina relief efforts to holding a Mardi Gras parade? Mayor Bloomberg may be about to find out. . . . . As the true dimensions of the damage in New York gradually appear, as the death toll mounts and as chaos at the gas stations and devastation in Staten Island undercut the narrative that the city has responded effectively to the challenge, Mayor Bloomberg looks more like the hapless officials of New Orleans than Rudy Giuliani or Chris Christie. The decision to divert badly needed resources to the Marathon looks callow. Big talk about climate change fails to impress; surely if the Mayor was so concerned about climate change he could have invested more time in flood preparations.”