October 26, 2012

WHY THE BENGHAZI DEBACLE IS NOT JUST A FOREIGN POLICY ISSUE. “This week, President Obama has been campaigning on trust. But Benghazi and the cover-up that followed bear directly on the question of trust. Can President Obama be trusted to safeguard our rights and protect our people and interests? Benghazi tells us that he cannot be trusted to protect Americans and American interests, and he cannot be trusted to safeguard our basic, Constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms of speech and religion. He cannot even be trusted to tell the truth when the truth is obvious to everyone outside his administration and campaign. Though it happened on the other side of the world, the Benghazi attack is a character issue for Barack Obama now.”

UPDATE: Reader Aaron Chmielewski writes: “Not only did he cover it up. They tried to blame and smear his opponent for instigating it by making entirely appropriate remarks about the response to the Egyptian riots.”

Good point. And then, of course, the arrested and smeared a filmmaker, who’s conveniently in jail and who won’t have a court hearing until after election day.

MORE: “When the 3 am phone call came, Obama blamed American free speech rights. And went to bed.”

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