ROMNEY RYAN RALLY AT RED ROCKS: Two pictures.  Background on this: we left our home in time to get there just before five under normal conditions.  About thirty miles out, the highway became a parking lot, where we got stuck for the next two hours.  The freaky thing was the lines extending behind us at least as much.  The highway exit was closed, but we’re conservatives/libertarians, we find ways. So we went back roads, parked in way outlaying parking lot (for another facility) and tried to walk.  Only the people ahead of us were getting turned back at the door, so we all walked back to our cars shouting stuff like “Romney” and  ” Soon a real president.”   Look at those pictures and let me tell you, at least that many of us were turned away or prevented from approaching.  Da roosterish, be not getting it, but… it looks like they’re gonna need a bigger October surprise.