October 23, 2012

OBAMA VOTERS, EXPLAINED:  A postage stamp is sufficient to write what these people know about the economy.  Warning — Link goes to Democratic Underground.  But for your horrified perusal, here is an excerpt from the bucket of fail:

Let’s say that you have the ability to print your currency using your computer printer, and every merchant accepted your printouts as a valid exchange for goods and services. You need to pick up your dry cleaning? You printout a $20 bill and your cleaners hand over your garments without question. Same would be true for your mortgage, groceries, car note, etc. Your creditors even accept your printouts as payment on your debts.

Given this, how can you ever be broke? Answer, you cannot be broke. The U.S. government is not in debt simply because it can create currency to pay off the debt, and our creditors gladly accept our currency as payment on our debts. You see, the world needs our dollars because the world needs oil, and in order to buy oil, you need dollars, which means that the world needs to stockpile dollars, and that means that the U.S. can print all of the money that it wants without incurring massive hikes in interest rates to attract lenders.

WHY didn’t I think of that before?  We have a color printer.  This silly thing called a job?  Bah.  I’m printing money.  HOW is it possible these people live in the same world we do and understand so little?  HOW?

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