WHO LOST THE DEBATE? “America’s media.”

UPDATE: Video: Crowley Admits Romney Was Right on Libya.

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Also: Video: Candy Crowley Jumps from the Bench to Tackle Mitt as he Races for a Touchdown.

How bad is it? MSNBC Undecided Voter Panel Leans More Toward Romney After Debate.

The press has been carrying Obama since day one. But this election cycle it’s become a bit more obvious.

CNN’s John King: After Two Debates, Romney Still Has The Plus.

MORE: Michael Walsh: Don’t Worry, Be Happy. “Whatever marginal help President Obama got from Candy Crowley’s wrong-headed intervention re Libya will dissipate in the morning air, as the stenographers in the MSM contemplate the question: If Obama knew it was terrorism on Day Two, then why did his administration continue to blame the video for days afterward?”

Victor Davis Hanson: “Obama did not forfeit the debate as last time, and took his cue from Joe Biden in interrupting and muttering while Romney spoke, so his energy made it an entertaining night. Nevertheless, the same theme as in Denver emerged — Romney more often providing specific proposals and detailed critiques, and Obama preferring more often emoting and running more on hypotheticals, as if he were not an incumbent with a depressing record that he is obligated to defend. A key moment was Libya, and that is bad for the Obama cause, even if Romney let Obama slightly off the hook. Obama frowned and got defensive and then blew it by disingenuous explanations — claiming that almost immediately after the attack, he had labeled it an act of terrorism, omitting that on numerous occasions in the next two weeks he most certainly did not say that clearly at all, and declared either that it was the fault of a video or that he did not have enough information.”

David Harsanyi: Once again, Obama’s record wins it for Romney.