ROMNEY 50, OBAMA 46 — IN DAILYKOS/SEIU POLL. “Finally, a demographic note—in this poll, 44 percent of respondents were conservative, compared to 16 percent who were liberal. In 2008, 34 percent were conservative, and 22 percent were liberal. Now this could point to a bad sample, or it could point to depressed enthusiasm among our base. Let’s really hope it’s the former.”

Well, maybe this is an indicator: “A friend in Texas told me of some local difficulties in getting big Romney lawn signs. Its possible there’s been a run on those signs since the first debate, and maybe local GOP organizations are running out. You know what Romney supporters who can’t find lawn signs should do? Put an empty chair on the lawn instead. Just one big empty chair. Says it all. Says it better.”

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UPDATE: Alex Nunez emails: “Sure, it’s anecdotal and hyper-localized, but compared to 2008, when it was All Obama, All Day, the signs in my neighborhood and town suggest a purpling of deep-blue Connecticut. Signs for Linda McMahon and Romney/Ryan dramatically outnumber those for the Democrats, and more have sprouted on lawns in the last couple weeks. Obama signs are virtually nonexistent.”