October 14, 2012

BOB OWENS NOTES THAT THE “PUTTING THE WHITE BACK IN THE WHITE HOUSE” LINE comes from a lefty anti-Palin site. No surprise there. No surprise that Buzzfeed — which is rapidly losing credibility on all fronts — jumped on this.

UPDATE: Ann Althouse: Shameful, lowly race-baiting… but who’s doing it? Well, in the first instance, Andrew Kaczynski. “Buzzfeed and all the Romney opponents who chose to link to Buzzfeed should be ashamed. They lowered themselves. They saw an opportunity go racial and they took it.”

The Buzzfeed folks should also be concerned that folks on the right will be less willing to link them in the future, if they’re perceived — as I believe they increasingly are — as lefty agitprop shills. Caroline Bankoff at New York Magazine may be comfortable in that niche, but I believe Buzzfeed wanted broader appeal.

And if you’ve noticed that I’m going out of my way to name names here, you’re right. Accountability journalism.

One of Althouse’s commenters nails it: “An agent provocateur passed off by BuzzFeed as a Romney supporter. Both are complicit in the smear.”

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