SO I MISSED THE DEBATE, being out to dinner with Eugene Volokh and a bunch of L.A. libertarian luminaries. But Randy Barnett emails:

Ryan had to pass the vice president test tonight or the ticket would have suffered. He did, which against the hard charging Joe Biden was no mean feat. So there is no change in the current dynamic of the race.

And David Kirkham wrote: “Biden is overcompensating.”

UPDATE: “Joe Biden was off his meds.”

MORE: Rude Biden Turns Off Many Independents.

MORE STILL: Reader Gregory Pals sums it up this way: “The Joker vs. Robin.”

STILL MORE: “I didn’t expect, however, that Biden’s demeanor would be so off-putting. The ridiculous toothy smile didn’t come as a shock. But the smirking, mocking, laughter, constant interruptions of Paul Ryan, and cranky interaction with moderator Martha Raddatz, whom he chided at one point for allegedly misstating the facts, did.”