October 11, 2012

MORE ON OBAMA’S CONNECTION WITH VP DEBATE MODERATOR MARTHA RADDATZ. Hey, if you disqualified all the journalists who have close marital and social ties to Democratic pols, you’d be left with a (small) subset of Fox News. And we couldn’t have that — they’d be biased!

Meanwhile, a reader emails:

The bit about most of the HLR being invited to the Raddatz-Genachowski wedding seems designed to suggest that the couple weren’t close friends with Obama.

But in The Audacity of Hope, Barack Obama thanks “Several good friends, including David Axelrod, . . . Julius Genachowski, . . . Cass Sunstein” for taking the time to read the manuscript and make suggestions. (Audacity of Hope, p. 364, paperback ed.)

Also, Genachowski’s donations to Obama’s campaigns go all the way back to a $1,000 donation in 1999, the year before Obama lost his primary for the House of Representatives. At the time, Nov. 1, 1999 (four months into fundraising), Genachowski’s donation tied (with many others) for Obama’s largest single donation from a donor outside of Illinois and tied for second largest single donation overall. (There were, however, some donors who donated $1,000 more than once.)

So at least Genachowski (who was married to Raddatz until 1997) was indeed a “good friend” of Obama’s.

As folks in the Midwest sometimes put it: “I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.”


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