October 9, 2012

ALSO, NON-YOUTH VOTES: Obama risks millions of youth votes due to economy, debate performance. But the young have been particularly hard hit by Obama’s redistributive, job-killing programs:

September jobs data showed that 11.8 of younger would-be workers are unemployed, with another 4.8 percent stuck in part-time jobs.

Only “29% of Millennials believe that the economic policies coming out of Washington are helping them, while 47% of Millennials say that the economic policies coming out of Washington are hurting them,” according to a July poll conducted for Generation Opportunity by the polling company inc./WomanTrend.

“If you were at 66 percent [in 2008], and you’re sitting between 49 percent and 54 percent, you’ve got a major problem,” Conway said.

Sounds like some are wising up.

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