STEPHEN GREEN IS DRUNKBLOGGING TONIGHT’S DEBATE. I suspect a lot of us will be drinking through this one. . . .

Green: “Obama is doing his best I’M NOT PEEVISH face. If the all-caps didn’t give it away, the face is not entirely convincing.” He also keeps stressing how much he agrees with Romney on taxes, etc. Interesting. . . .

UPDATE: Okay, despite the lying, people on the right should be glad that this is an argument about who’ll cut taxes.

But why does Lehrer keep cutting Romney off?

More from Stephen Green: “Romney is doing the job of making Obama angry, without being mean. The split-view camera reminds me of Bush versus Gore 12 years ago.”

Plus: “Obama keeps saying ‘math,’ but Romney keeps using numbers. You do the math.”

Obama compares himself to Dwight Eisenhower. Not seeing it. And remember that promise to cut the deficit in half in his first term? How’s that working out? . . .

Reader Tim Miller writes: “I wish Romney would tell Obama that he’s confusing the 5 Trillion number with the debt he’s added during the past 3+ years.” I think it’s more like $7 trillion.

Warren Buffett won’t like that corporate jet remark.

Plus from Stephen Green: “Obama just slammed the F-22. I guess Lockheed is going to send out those layoff notices after all. If not, they’re fools.”

Obama’s blaming Bush for the deficits because of “two wars on the credit card.” So look at Bush’s second-term deficits:

Declining steadily until the 2008 bailout. Blaming the war is, well, basically a lie.

Also, Obama keeps mentioning “folks like my grandmother.” You mean the “typical white person” grandmother? I guess she’s back out from under the bus.

Reader Bob Read emails: “Are you watching Intrade? Obama is down 5 since the debate started.”

Stephen Green: “Romney has been practicing his split-screen face. When Obama is speaking, he looks like I hope I look, when my six-year-old is trying to sell me on a line of total crap.”

I’m watching C-SPAN, but reader Ed Kiesel emails: “The twitter feed at the bottom of CNBC is 90% pro Romney, and damn is it funny!”

Lehrer is doing his best to run interference for Obama, but it’s not enough.

Talking about Dodd-Frank, it’s obvious that Romney actually knows what Dodd-Frank does. Obama, not so much.

More from Stephen Green: ” Aaron Hanscom, our managing editor, just emailed to tell me Andrew Sullivan is wailing and rending his garments over Obama’s bad performance. What, he was expecting another McCain?”

Jonah Goldberg tweets: “Maybe Obama can turn this around by just reverting to his 2004 DNC Keynote speech?”

Obama: They’re not “Death Panels,” they’re just panels made up of expert doctors who’ll decide if your treatment should be paid for.