September 16, 2012

ANTI-ISLAM FILMMAKER MAY FACE JAIL TIME. Not even a hint in this ABC story that there might be a free speech issue somewhere. Do you really believe this is just an ordinary probation case?

Related: Supermassive Blackhole of Obama Incompetence Sucks in First Amendment. I’m sure that characterization is somehow racist. “Hey Obama! The Libyans have actually offered a helpful hint that you may just want to follow-up on, in terms of the true origin of these festivities: al Qaeda. Meanwhile, Israeli Foreign Ministry officials formally state something that has become transparently clear: The U.S. ignored Arab radicalization: We knew what was happening, but the Americans preferred to find excuses.”

Meanwhile, folks have been busy with the Quickmemes:

Lots more at the link. Make and share your own!

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