Yesterday at various blogs I read over and over again that the Dem convention gave Obama a big bounce, that he’s winning, that his approval is now over 50%, that their enthusiasm is as high as that of the Republican crowd, that–

And then you look at the polls that caused this “sky is falling” fit. What are those polls? Those polls are, in fact, the same old sh*te. They poll all adults, which you KNOW skews Democrat. They poll registered voters, which you know skews Democrat. They poll with a skew of 4% Democrats over Republicans as though this were still 2008, as if 2010 had never happened.

Then all the people on the right echo these as though they were legitimate and say “oh, but the polls were correct before.”

Really? The polls were correct before? When? The very last polls before the elections, when pollsters try to salvage their reputation? Sometimes. More or less. Kind of. But up till then when something can be got from the propaganda and from seeding despondency on the right, the polls have been insanely skewed.

Beyond all that, 2008 and before was a different game. The unemployment statistics used to be more or less correct, too, and, oh, yeah, the Justice Department didn’t used to sue pollsters. Neither of those is true anymore.

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UPDATE: “Chin up, folks. It’s September. We who follow politics know that the media cheerleaders are in the tank for the 0ne. Of course they’re lying for him.”

Another reader emails: “Don’t get sucked in by Obama’s MSM.. . the only way he has a chance is if the GOP support is suppressed.”