NOBODY SAID SHE WAS STUPID: Foreign Policy: Hillary Clinton staying as far away from Charlotte as physically possible.

UPDATE: Reader Jody Green is skeptical:

Not buying the Hillary crap.

I have thought for a while that if the election is close, Obama would play the Hillary for VP card (I am not the only one who thought that). Now that she will supposedly be out of the country, I figure that is proof that she will be the mystery speaker and will accept the nomination for VP. If the rules allow this, then it is Obama’s only chance. the press would talk about nothing else for the remainder of this election cycle.

The press will crow:

1. What a brilliant move.
2. He put his country first
3. Smart enough to remove the mistake of Biden
4. Dream Team etc.

If they do not do this it can only be for two reasons.

1. Hillary said take a hike
2. Obama is a true Narcissist that can not share the spotlight or admit he has failed to the point he needed her.

We will find out soon.

Well, if the Hillary story turns out to be bogus, Jody will have bragging rights. But I don’t think Obama is capable of admitting a mistake, and no matter how it’s spun, that’s what this would be.

ANOTHER UPDATE: A reader emails: “Not gonna happen. BHO chose Joe Biden as life insurance . Hilary as Veep would indicate a death wish.”

MORE: Reader Bob McKenna writes: “Jody is on to something. Conservative bloggers should be reporting it as a strong rumor in order to steal their thunder in case it really is being considered. Heck, maybe Sarah or Rush should recommend it to prevent it.”

Well, Sarah Palin has already advised Obama to dump Biden for Hillary. She was way ahead of the curve on that one. So if he does, she can just say “dance to my tune, little man, dance!”