I wore my new Ryan “Math” shirt on its first public outing today, to see 2016: Obama’s America. I am something of a movie nut, and try to watch films in the middle of the day on weekdays whenever possible so as to minimize the size of the crowd. I don’t think I’ve seen a daytime/weekday theatre this crowded since the last time I did one of those crazy movie marathons (showing all the Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings films, one right after another) on a Thursday afternoon before a movie premiere.

The audience was reasonably fired up; of the fifty or so people maybe ten of us were under age 40, but everyone seemed really engaged, with a smattering of vocal reactions (especially towards 2008 campaign footage.) One guy said “it’s too bad they can’t let you vote just outside the door” as I was leaving.

We’re in Central Ohio – the theatre draws pretty evenly from congressional districts 12 (Tiberi – went for Obama in 08) and 15 (Stivers – went for McCain) with some folks coming in from 7 (Austria – went for McCain.) The new districts 3, 12, and 15 cover the same general area (3 being the new “mostly Democrat” seat likely to be taken by Joyce Beatty, a typical midwestern city Democrat [http://beattyforcongress.com/].)

I think it’s pretty darned impressive, in any case. Also, several people took a good hard look at my shirt. ;)

(If you publish, please don’t mention my name; I don’t want trouble at work/with relatives.)

You know how we’ll know when things are really changing? When people aren’t afraid to have their names published in support of mainstream Republican causes. . . .