BIDEN BAGGAGE: Democrats Are Stuck With the Embarrassing Joe Biden. I dunno, if I were Joe, I’d be nervous.

Ah, who am I kidding? If I were Joe, I’d be clueless.

UPDATE: Sarah Palin: Dump Joe, Pick Hillary!


The only thing remarkable about the latest Biden gaffe is how routine these gaffes have become, and what a cosmic double standard everyone in the public eye — the press, both campaigns, everyone but the general public and its snarky bloggers — employs to avoid asking the question, “Just how panicked would we all be if Barack Obama suddenly had chest pains?” . . .

The best chance the Dems have to respond to the Ryan selection would be asymmetric political warfare — which translates quite neatly into replacing Biden with the most ambitious and most popular Democrat in the country, Hillary Clinton. Indeed, that will mesh like clockwork with the coming Obama pivot to foreign policy as the best possible distractraction, and the only substantive distraction, from the economic ruin he’s wrought.

Of course, replacing Biden would be an admission that the original choice was a dreadful mistake — intended, amazingly enough, to shore up Obama’s own weak experience credentials by adding the “expert” Joe Biden to the ticket — and Obama doesn’t like to admit mistakes.

MORE: Joe Biden: The Admiral Stockdale of the 2012 race?

MORE STILL: Several readers point out, correctly, that this is unfair . . . to Admiral Stockdale. Reader John Henry writes:

It is grossly unfair to mention Stockdale and Biden in the same breath much less compare them.

Stockdale was a highly decorated Naval Aviator (26 personal combat decorations, including the Medal of Honor and four Silver Stars) Served as President of the Naval War College, POW for 9 years in whihc he served as an example we should all hope to be able to emulate. President of the Citadel, Fellow at the Hoover Institute and more.

What has Biden ever done? Not particularly smart, he managed to get elected to the public trough. His primary accomplishment has been getting re-elected. His life has been so unaccomplished he had to plagiarize someone else’s biography when he ran for prez a few years ago.

Shame on you for comparing them. Biden isn’t fit to scrape the mud from Stockdale’s boots.