I BLAME THE HATE-FILLED ELIMINATIONIST RHETORIC OF THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION AND ITS SUPPORTERS: Domestic Terrorism? Gunman Taken Into Custody After Shooting At Family Research Council. “Authorities were treating the attack as a case of domestic terrorism.”

UPDATE: Crosshairs.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Is the Southern Poverty Law Center to blame for incitement?

More here.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: More from Prof. Jacobson.

MORE: Reader Russ Meyer writes:

What I find most interesting about the Family Research Council shooting that you’ve linked to is that the story is on Fox News’ website and Drudge, but it’s nowhere to be found on CNN. I’m sure that’s just an oversight they’ll quickly correct. I mean, it’s not like they’d selectively ignore stories that don’t fit their narrative…right?


MORE STILL: Meyer follows up: “Just wanted to let you know that CNN has now put up a story on the shooting today…two hours after you pointed it out. Maybe someone over there reads Instapundit!” Could be.