PUNCHING BACK TWICE AS HARD: So the community organizers Obama n’ Axelrod have sent hecklers to Ryan’s speech in Iowa. Time to mirror them.

In a related vein, reader Joe Hall writes:

I was on the realclearpolitics.com site today and noticed that Obama is having a contest to win “Dinner with Barack” to try and raise money. Then I noticed that you do not have to donate to enter. So I figured why not. I figure if everyone who is planning on voting against Obama signs up we can sit there and make him chew on some things other than dinner during our time together. As the estimable John Blutarsky once said, “Don’t cost nothin’.”

Here’s the link.

It would be educational for Obama to have dinner with some Tea Party folks. His life is kind of insular. Why not burst the bubble?

UPDATE: IowaHawk: “Screaming hysterical hecklers at Ryan IA state fair speech rush stage, punch supporters, get arrested. I guess because Ryan’s an extremist.”

Since there were arrests, their names will be public record. Names, backgrounds, and mugshots should be publicized as widely as possible.