HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Going Away to College This Fall? You’re Now the Exception. “For American students, heading off to college has traditionally also meant physically going away to college. But now, at a time when college costs are soaring, and when news of young people being saddled with burdensome student loan debt is unavoidable, today’s students are trying to trim college expenses in every way possible. More than half of students, in fact, will be living at home when the fall semester begins—up significantly from the 43% of students who commuted a couple of years ago. . . . The argument that a so-called ‘higher education bubble’ really does exist —- and may be in the process of popping —- gets a boost especially because it looks like students in wealthier American families, who should be able to pay for pricey colleges, are choosing to stay home in increasingly higher numbers.”

All is proceeding as I have foreseen.