PLAYING DEFENSE ON SMALL BUSINESS: Obama’s “I am not a witch” ad. I don’t believe him. He clearly weighs the same as a duck. “Apparently, Obama’s standing on the economy has so fallen so low that the argument for his reelection is now reduced to ‘I don’t hate business. Honest.'”

UPDATE: Gov. Bobby Jindal:

President Obama is in New Orleans today. One wonders if, during his visit to the Crescent City, he will repeat the now infamous claim that “If you have a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” Given the firestorm that erupted after that claim, it’s doubtful he will do so.

But we should not forget his words. President Obama’s comments were not a one-off gaffe. Instead, they define his administration.


MORE: Team Romney aggressively courting small business in swing states this week.

Plus, Ann Althouse reviews Obama’s ad: “Apparently, he’s gotten the message that nastily attacking Romney isn’t working. Here’s his new ad, in which he actually seems kind of like Romney . . . . Snuck in there is the old Obama theme: tax the rich. It’s camouflaged within a lot of Romneyesque pro-capitalism talk. I think the Obama people have decided that lefty edge is a loser. Americans will chose capitalism over socialism if you make it stark. So he’s repackaging himself as moderate.” It worked in 2008, but he had a less visible track record then.

MORE STILL: Useful advice from reader Mark Throneberry: “DONT GET COCKY! DONT GET COCKY! DONT GET COCKY!”