ALL THOSE “CAMPUS SUSTAINABILITY CENTERS,” WHEN IT’S THE CAMPUS ITSELF THAT’S UNSUSTAINABLE: Higher Education Bubble Update: 33% of Colleges Are on ‘Unsustainable Financial Path.’

Related: The Ever-Expanding Campus Bureaucracy. “The modern administrative university is a business machine without a soul.”

Sounds familiar.

Also, from Peter Wood: “What is inflating the bubble still further is federal policy on grants, loans, and loan-forgiveness. But even as the bubble inflates, there is a growing collection of sharp objects—the jackknife of online education, the hatpin of tax increases, the razor of state budget cuts, and the dart of public disenchantment—that threaten the whole thing.”

More here. “An affluent family that suddenly has to tighten its belt is very likely to take another look at its commitment to Ov’r Priced College and their daughter’s exploration of Post-Colonial Identity Studies. . . . A college degree is metaphorically an ‘investment.’ It is much more plainly a consumer expense. Confusing consumption with investment is often what gets us into financial bubbles.”