WHY YUPPIES feel so busy.

Meh. I explained this in the Yale Law Report over 20 years ago. With an economic model and everything.

UPDATE: Reader Michelle Tellock writes:

Your Yale Law Report article explained so eloquently exactly what my fellow YLS grads and I (class of 2011) felt at the time we were selecting jobs–and continue to feel acutely now, one year out, at the end of clerkships or fully ingratiated into biglaw life, thinking about “what’s next,” etc. I’ve shared the link to your YLR article with friends and classmates to say, “See, we’re not the only ones!”

My response: “Just be glad YLS grads still have this problem.” Not many other law grads do any more. Yale may weather the storm, or they may just be the top deck on the Titanic. We’ll see. . . .