TAR. FEATHERS: Innocent Woman Spends 53 Days In Jail. “At any time during those 53 days, the various entities in Atlanta’s and Fulton County’s justice systems could have saved her from the cracks she had fallen through. . . . Even with things that ‘didn’t add up,’ police and prosecutors moved forward with a case against Culpepper. The case continued even though Boyd told police and the Fulton District Attorney’s Office several times Culpepper was not the woman who attacked him.”

District Attorney Paul Howard should be firing the — unnamed in this story, unfortunately — people who dropped the ball. Have you noticed how when there’s official wrongdoing the wrongdoers are often unnamed in the press coverage? And someone should be talking to officer Jaidon Codrington, who arrested the wrong person to begin with.

UPDATE: Reader Thad McArthur writes: “Can anybody name the State Department official who issued Mohammed Atta’s visa?”