I AM A LIMITED RESOURCE: Reader Doug Martin emails:

I’ve been reading your blog for something like 12 years. I’ve sent you about 4 email with comments on your posts during this time. None got any play on your site, while they seemed (to me) to be pertinent to the conversation. Can you tell me, are my comments just lame, or is the volume just too much to focus? On the blog will be fine… Others might have had the same experience, and it would be nice to set expectations for others who are fans of your commentary. Keep it up.

Yeah, sorry. The problem is that I get more email than I can read. I do my best, but I miss a lot. I hope that I don’t miss anything too important, but that’s not always true either. (Somebody sent me on-the-scene pics of the Deepwater Horizon explosion but I didn’t see them until days later when he complained.) I could pay someone to read my email — I think Andrew Sullivan does that — but I’d rather miss stuff un-systematically than have things filtered in ways I might not even fully understand. I do read more email than I have time to post or reply to, but by no means all of it. Sorry, there’s just one of me.

UPDATE: Reader Rob Ritchie writes: “Have we reached Peak Instapundit?” Yeah, pretty much.