POLITICO: Frantic Scenes As Contempt Vote Looms. “The White House and Justice Department mounted a frantic behind-the-scenes effort on Wednesday to bolster Democratic opposition to a contempt resolution against Attorney General Eric Holder, but Republicans appear to have more than enough support for the divisive vote to sail through the House. . . . The NRA’s decision to wade into the Holder contempt fight has intimidated some vulnerable Democrats into backing the measure. These Democrats are more scared of the powerful pro-gun-rights group than they are of the president.”

It’s always nice when a civil rights group wields such influence.

UPDATE: House advances Holder contempt resolution with help from 15 Dems. So it’s a bipartisan contempt resolution, and anybody opposing it is just a partisan hack. Kinda like when Olympia Snowe would join with the Dems on something.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Bryan Briney writes: “You obviously haven’t been reading the mainstream media style book. When Olympia Snowe joins Democrats, it’s ‘a bipartisan majority’. When 15 House Democrats join Republicans, the vote was ‘largely along party lines’.” Yes, that’s what I was mocking. . . .

MORE: PANIC: Media, leftist narrative: Holder will be found in contempt as retaliation for SCOTUS decision. Okay, now, that doesn’t even make sense.