AT AMAZON, markdowns on previous-generation MacBook laptops.

UPDATE: Reader Robert Sbisa writes:

Thanks for the tip on the discounted MacBook Pros, which was timely. My oldest daughter is headed off to college and I had been meaning to go by the Apple store to get her outfitted but just hadn’t got around to it. Instead, I was able to get the better deal with my Prime account on the same 15″ model I use, myself. While there, I also got the G-TECH 500G external hard drive for her to use with TimeMachine.

Now, can you recommend a decent dorm-suitable printer that would work well with the above? Any help appreciated.

Any recommendations out there?

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Chris Kitze writes:

Glenn, we’re very happy with the Epson 840.

It costs $359.99 on Amazon and works great with all Macs. It even prints over the network, scans directly to pdf and connects wirelessly. Prints are fast and high quality.

Ink cost is another matter, but highly recommended.

Thanks! And reader Craig Schroeder writes:

The HP LaserJet Pro P1102w is a great little laser printer that works well in a dorm. You can also use it as a temporary/travel printer when you’re away from your usual office. It is very small (8x9x14) and wireless, and as usual for HP, works great with Macs. It’s currently selling for $114 on

My dorm printer was an HP Thinkjet. I gave it away after nearly 20 years. Last I heard it still worked, but that’s been a while.

Meanwhile, reader Nancy Cross writes:

Neither of my sons took a printer to college, nor wanted one. Most papers are submitted online, and printing services (rarely needed) are available at both their schools, sometimes for free. I’d suggest your readers’ children decide if they want a printer once they are in school. They can always have Amazon ship right to their school. Desk real estate is scarce, too…