ANN ALTHOUSE: Let’s take a closer look at Jonathan Turley’s reaction to the internet’s response to his Court packing plan. “I am passionate and serious about calling bullshit on law professors. And I’m doing it again.”

I made a concrete proposal for reform, and Turley didn’t mention it. I’m hurt. Obviously, I should have been less civil. But it was inspired by this from Adrian Vermeule.

UPDATE: Reader Dan Harlan writes: “While I like your plan for Supreme Court reform, I have to ask a question. Why should any justices be law school graduates? One of the principles of our government is civilian control of the military, with the President as Commander-in-Chief. Why should any of the people who decide what the law means be lawyers? But then I’m also in favor of banning lawyers from Congress, too. Maybe then we would get laws that normal people can actually understand.”

Well, possibly. Ever attended a condo board meeting?

Meanwhile, Charlie Martin emails about an earlier Turley embarrassment.