WELL, NO, IT DOESN’T: Tim Carney: Libertarian does not mean ‘pro-corporate.’

So, why is Lambert confused? Probably because he buys the Jane Mayer/Thomas Frank definition of the libertarian movement: a “pro-corporate movement,” as Mayer puts it.

Who opposed TARP? Who opposed the Export-Import Bank reauthorization recently? Who stood against the Chamber of Commerce when the Chamber supported the stimulus? Libertarians.

A final note:

The MPR article mentions that AFP is knocking three lawmakers for supporting the stadium susbidies, and notes, “In an unusual twist, two of those targets are Republicans….” What’s supposed to be “unusual”? That Republican politicians support corporate welfare? Or that AFP, often called a “Tea Party” group would target Republicans for bad votes? Neither surprises people who actually follow the GOP or the Tea Party.

Nope. But they don’t fit the narrative.