June 5, 2012


UPDATE: CNN calls it for Walker.

ANOTHER UPDATE: NBC calls it for Walker. Larry O’Donnell is blaming it all on Citizens United. I suppose that’ll be tomorrow’s excuse. But the truth is, the unions brought all their big guns and it wasn’t enough. I guess you just can’t get good goons these days. And remember, this is just the latest in a series of defeats:

When the street protests didn’t work out, the public employee unions decided to make a “nonpartisan” judicial election a referendum over Wisconsin’s anti-union legislation.

The Service Employees International Union and other labor groups went all in on the election, but still lost. A pointless recount failed even to narrow the margin significantly.

Bottom line: All the might of the public employee unions wasn’t even able to swing a nonpartisan, off-year, judicial election. Can you say “paper tiger”?

Yes, we can.

MORE: Fireworks at Prof. Jacobson’s place.

And reader Christopher Mazur writes: “Today is the first day of November.”

STILL MORE: Governor Walker’s Victory Spells Doom For Public Sector Unions.

Don’t get cocky, kid.

On the other hand, this is another Tea Party I-Told-You-So.

MORE STILL: Wisconsin: Stalingrad of the Left?

Well, Russ Feingold said it’s not over till we win, which is kinda like the German position in Stalingrad. . . . But comparing one’s opponents to Hitler is right out. Right, Russ? Oh, never mind. . . .

THE LAST WORD: Bwahahahahaha! “Republicans also appear to have taken all four senate seats by massive margins.”

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