ANDREW MALCOLM: 40% of Dem Primary Voters Reject Obama.

If this was Chicago, John Wolfe would find a surprising number of building inspectors thoroughly checking the quite obviously faulty wiring in his law offices this morning. Most cars parked near his door would display parking citations on their windshields. And the city sanitation crews swinging by that building might accidentally overlook the overflowing bins out back.

That’s because John Wolfe has just severely embarrassed Barack Obama, a proud product of the Chicago Democrat machine that’s run the Windy City for about eight decades now. Obama’s former White House chief of staff and campaign finance chair is the mayor there now and his dutiful precinct captains don’t need instructions to know how to treat political troublemakers like Wolfe.

Fortunately for Wolfe, he’s in Tennessee. He’s a perennial political candidate and, just as often, a loser. But he’s also a disgruntled Obama supporter who says, “I think the president campaigned one way and then governed another.”

It’s pretty much always fortunate to be in Tennessee, especially compared with barbarous districts like Chicagoland.